Monday, July 27, 2009

I have have thick vuery curly hair what do i do?

i need help my hair is so thick and curly and poofy and i cannot figure out how to fix it. my hair stylist tells me to put loadss of products on it and then it looks dirty. what do i do to fix it i mean i do not want it to be straight i just want it to look pretty

I have have thick vuery curly hair what do i do?


well i have the same problem as you

and the best thing to do is after a shower.. wrap your hair up with a towel and let it be like that for about 1-2 hours.

then before you sleep take the towel of and either put cloth or something on ur hair to control the poofy or just sleep with your hair straight in front of the pillow.. and make sure you dont blowdry because thats the worst..

also- a tip that works is when you get out of the shower dont put your head down and then rub the towel with your hair because that makes your hair MUCH poofier!!

straightening once in a while would also look good however.. it would be really nice.

there are also products to make your hair stay a little wet and when it is like that then it is really awesome!

im sorry but my english is not really the best and if u are confused at some part of my answer i am sorry :S

I have have thick vuery curly hair what do i do?

I have very long hair and sometimes find it hard to fix in a style that I like. I have used Infusium 23 which can be found at Wal-mart or a store like it. They sell many different kinds of products including some for frizzy hair which may help tame your locks. I have used their conditioner on my hair and it makes it much easier to do something with it! Try that and then just practice doing different hairsyles. Infusium also does not make your hair look dirty or greasy. I hope this helped.

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