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I have spiral curly thick hair, chemicaly straighten?

i have extremly thick spiral curly hair, i want to chemically straighten it, but dont want the curls to go away forever or get damaged. I dont want it to burn, i dont want breakage, please help, the stuff i would use it matrix opti smoothe, a stylist would be doing it, im scared and have no idea what too do!!! please help me,

I have spiral curly thick hair, chemicaly straighten?

Most salons offer some sort of straightening services. Not all are good. Find a salon that uses Paul Brown straightening system.

how much? It depends on the salon....amount of curl and straightening to be done...( whether or not it's a double process or single process, the length of your hair...the thickness of your hair....and the amount of curl in the hair.) Prices range from 100.00 to 500.00.

You run the risk of serious damage if you don't know how the chemicals will react with anything coating your hair. It's always best to have a professional do your chemical work.

I have had it done many times....I also have naturally curly hair. I find it's makes my hair a alot easier to manage. With the Paul Brown straightener you still have curl if you want it...but when you blow and press it comes out soft and silky....not thick and wirey.

It last until it grows out. New growth will be needed to be touched up about 8 weeks or so...depending on how fast your hair grows.

I have spiral curly thick hair, chemicaly straighten?

Chemically straightening your hair should only last for 6 weeks, or something like that, talk to your stylist.

I have spiral curly thick hair, chemicaly straighten?

You Can Styll Relax Your Hair And Achive Natural Curls! =] Either By Using A Black Curl Activator ---%26gt; Sof'N'Free

Or White ---%26gt; TREsemm茅| =]


ii Think Tha Curling Tongs Are Heat Damagins To Tha Hair So Instead ii Use TREsemm茅 Gels! =]

Why Not Try Tha TREsemm茅 Natural Looking Curls! =] With Only Six Easy Steps!

1 Squeeze your desired amount into the palm of your hand and emulsify to activate the ingredients.

2 Comb through damp hair from roots to ends with a wide-tooth comb to fully saturate the hair.

3 Then, scrunch curls into place, shaping and molding curls' tightness and definition.

4 Anytime you use a gel, blow-dry upside down with a diffuser (if not, your hair will dry crispy) until hair's 90 percent dry. Then, let air-dry. The diffuser lets you lift hair for a shorter curl formation (translation: bouncier curls).

5 To mold gorgeous finger waves, twist in gel piece by piece.

6 For added definition, finish with TRESemm茅 Curl Care Locking Hairspray.

Learn How To Take Care Orf It Too! =]

1; To create defined, natural curls that bounce (and we mean bounce!), coat damp hair with this curl-enhancing gel.

2; Its humidity-resistance formula controls frizz for healthy-looking styles (minus crunchiness).

3; Plus, its alcohol-free formula won't dry out or flatten the hair.

4; Its holding polymers lock curls into place for the tight curls you crave, while its proteins hydrate and tame flyaways.

Tha Do's! =]

1 - For a quick, frizz-free style, apply TRESemm茅 Touchable Curls Shaping Milk all over damp hair and then twist sections around your finger to create spirals. Let your hair air dry for the smoothest look.

2 - Gently squeeze any excess product out of your hair with a towel to prevent it from weighing down your curls.

3 - If you want to blow-dry your curls, use the diffuser attachment to reduce frizz. Flip your head upside down and place your curls in the cup of the diffuser. Allow the hair to dry while gently bringing the diffuser towards and away from your head.

%26amp; Tha Don'ts! =]

1 - Never brush your curls. Comb conditioner through your hair while in the shower, then towel dry and style it with your fingers to prevent frizz.

2 - Don't try to straighten your curls every day - embrace them! Over-straightening will cause damage over time, leaving your hair duller and drier.

3 - Try not to shampoo every day - curly hair tends to be coarser, and washing too often can deplete your hair's moisture. If you must shower, use conditioner in place of shampoo on alternating days.


鈾?br>I have spiral curly thick hair, chemicaly straighten?

the curls will be gone if you chemically straighten it. the only option would be growing it out and cutting the straightened part. you'll have too get tuochups every 4 months if you do want it straight.

I have spiral curly thick hair, chemicaly straighten?


Start with a leave in conditioner I use Pantene Smoothing Comb in Treatment

Blow dry it in sections using John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Answer Straightening Spray( my hair is still poofy and wavy after I blowdry and use this but I swear at the end this makes the difference.

Before you use your flat iron try one of these:

John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum Extra Strength Formula(target/walmart)

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum(salon)

Chi Silk Infusion(salon)

Fx Special Effects Flat Iron Spray (target/walmart)

L'Oreal Heat Seeker Straightening Cream(target/walmart)

get an appointment with a good stylist and ask her opinion. usually more natural styles are best anyway. ask her about a low mantainance way to style your hair. i have thick hair and although it can be difficult i love it. people compliment me on my hair all the time



I have spiral curly thick hair, chemicaly straighten?

i use the straightener-in-a-box by ogilvie. you can pick it up at wal mart for less than 8 bucks and it will keep your hair straight for a few months.

i have really thick curly hair myself (looks exactly like dave mustaine's [lead singer/guitarist for rock band megadeth ]) so it can be a pain to manage and straighten, but well worth it. it wont damage your hair or burn your scalp or break your hair, etc (in my experiences. always check with your stylist first).

depending on length, you may need two boxes. i use two boxes.

I have spiral curly thick hair, chemicaly straighten?

My daughter had her hair chemically straightened and it looks beautiful. It was matrix also and a stylist done it. Hers took two kits. A very long process.

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