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I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

What can I do with my shoulder-length brown hair?? I don't want to spend alot of money to get it proffesionaly done. When I brush my hair it gets all frizzy and literally sticks out 10" from my head!! If I wet it down it turns curly and wavy but then when it dries it just poofs out again. I am forced to keep it in a ponytail all the time and then I just have this huge poofball in the back of my head! I'll try anything!

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

Sunsilk De-Frizz

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

well at least straighten it, i have the same kind of hair you do and i always straighten it

if straightening it is too hard or takes too long, then you can get it chemically straightened

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

go to wal-mart and buy a hair strightener kinda looks like a curling iron but it's flat it'll work trust me i have the same problem with my hair

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

You need to buy a straightener. Blow dry your hair or let it dry naturally. Seperate your hair into sections and run the straightener through one chunk of hair at a time. Run the straightener over until the hair is smoothed out. Then add on some hair serum (frizz ease hair serum, paul mitchell gloss drops). It does take a little bit of time, but after you do it a few times... it will get quicker. My hair takes me about 20-30 minutes to straighten.

After its done.. do NOT brush your hair. brushing it will just make it poofy. And if your hair doesnt get really oily, skip washing it the next day. second day hair always looks better.

as for the straightener.. go to sallys beauty supply if you have one wherever you live. they will help you pick out a good one for the price you can afford.

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

Try this book just for Curly Girls. I did it and it really worked!

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

i have a similar problem - i think frizz reducing serums tend to smooth down frizzy hair best. also, check out the line of products called "curlfriends"... they're amazing for wavy/curly/frizzy haired girls. but yeah, some serum and a little gel and you should be set!

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

dont straighten your hair...blow it out...also when you blow it out use "anti-frizz"...its a liquid u can put in ur hair to help the frizz, u can find it at any drug store

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

I have the SAME hair.

You can still keep beautiful spiral curls without the poof, and you don't need to buy a straightener!

Heres what you do!

Don't EVER brush it out dry. The reason why i t gets poofy and big is because you're basically air fluffing it and at the same time un-doing your curls. Bad bad.

Only comb your hair in the shower with conditioner in it. Get a wide toothed comb and a heavy conditioner and after shampooing your hair liberally apply the conditioner and comb starting from the ends and going up!

A great product for girls like us is called DownPlay from the Frizz-Ease collection. Put it on your hair wet to keep it from poofing everywhere. Also, a little bit of cream hair gel works wonders.

Always, Always condition the ends of curly hair. Thats key. Because of the structure of it, its weaker and easier to damage than straight hair, and the curl makes it hard for the natural oils to travel down the shaft of your hair, so if you're like me, your scalp can be oily while your ends are like straw

Any more curly hair questions, email me!

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

OMG. someone who feels my pain!! lol i have the same hair.

Here are some suggestions

1. When you get out of the shower, towel dry your air as much as you can, brush it out, and put some mousse in your hand ( almost size of your palm). Then work the mousse through your hair and then scrunch it, just grab a chunk of hair in your hands and close your hand. My hair dries curly! It looks super cute if you brush your hair back and put a headband on and let the curls go wild in the back.

2. Shower/Bath at night. Brush hair out and apply straightening serum (i use Straighten Up by Sunsilk) then go to bed. When you wake up, striaghten sections of 1-2 inches in a straighter as high of temperature as it goes. It works for me!

Good Luck and i know what you feel like!

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

when you get out of the shower. grab a brush and the hair dryer and brush your hair out while drying it.

Herbal essences hair a product line to get straight hair its in pink called Dangerously straight. I own the iron me flat finishing spray and the pin straight conditioner. they are both great they also have more products in this series but if you dont want to buy them all than get these two.

use conditioner in shower then do the hair dryer with brush or comb thing and then spray the iron me flat finishing spray on your hair all over then straighten your hair.

its great.

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

My hair is very wavy and just a few inches longer than yours. It would get all poofy at the bottom and flare out too. I tried serums but they just made my hair feel greasy. Two months ago my beautician talked me into having a few layer put into the bottom. I liked it so much I went back and had them relayer it from almost half way down my head. Now my hair springs into curls, no frizz, no poof, it's pretty much carefree and it didn't not change the style of my hair. It got rid of all the dead, frizzy ends and made it so much healthier too. What an improvement! Plus I'm saving a fortune on all the products I had been trying to get these results in the first place. Maybe you could talk to someone at a salon and see if this would be an option for your hair. Maybe a few long layers would work for you too (if it's wavy and not super curly). Good Luck!

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

What shampoo/conditioner do you use?

I recommend either Frizz-Ease, or the cheaper but still effective route (Sunsilk for curls. It comes in a green bottle.) Buy a tooth comb and comb your hair while conditioner is still in it; then rinse.

When you style your hair, squeeze a curling mousse in your palm (Loreal and Aussie have great, affordable stuff!), and add a few drops of an anti-frizz serum (Frizz-Ease, Garnier Fructise, Aussie, and Sunsilk have good products for this too) right into the mousse. Then just scrunch it through your hair.

By adding the serum to the mousse, you loose the risk of getting greasy hair. Blow-dry on hot, and when your nearly done, finish it with cool air; that will keep it from frizzing out, as well.

I have the same problem and can't waste an hour and half every day to straighten it, lol, so I just do this. :) Good luck hun!

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

dont ever wet your hair down, it makes your hair worse

also when you wash your hair, don't towel dry it

slighty dry it with a paper towel

towels give your hair more frizz

dont blow dry your hair

when your hair is damp, not dripping wet, braid it

and when your hair is completely dry, you can unbraid it

your hair will still be slightly poofy, but a lot less than before

try this website

for your hair, the best shampoo and conditioner would be the garnier fructis sleek and shine

i use that and its really good

you can also try garnier

leave in conditioner, smoothing milk, anti-humidity hairspray, and tons of other products

they get rid of the frizz, poofiness, and makes your hair look really good

just find these products on the website

you can like buy them in a drugstore

it costs from about $3 to $6 depending on which product your buying

I have super frizzy poofy curly hair- HELP!?

have it cut in layers,if you want it straight you can have it straightened , but then you have to keep doing it up, I've had that problem to and hated my curly hair til finally I had to except it and find a good cut and use the right kind of hair products, especially made for curly had, it takes the frizz out an leave beautiful curls, and no rollers and in the summer no blow drying, air dry is the best anyway...

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