Thursday, July 23, 2009

Help with my CURLY hair!?

My hair is naturally super curly. I have a straightener, but it's a cheap one. All my friends have the same straightener as I do, but their's turns out way better than mine. I was wondering what a good brand of straightener for me would be and what kind of products I could use to eliminate volume and frizz. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Help with my CURLY hair!?

Chi's do not last long. They break way too easily. Don't waste your money, and don't listen to the one's that are telling you it's the best. Sedu is one of the best straighteners out there and it is only $100.

To purcase a Sedu at the cheapest price, go to , scroll to the very top and click on Hair Styling. On the left hand side, there will be and A - Z brand list. Find Sedu, click on it, and everything else from there is self - explanitory.

For more information on a Sedu, you can go to

Curling with a Sedu:;f...

Flipping hair with a Sedu:

I would also recommend using a 1 inch instead of 1 1/2 inch, because the 1 1/2 doesn't do curls very well.

It reaches 410 degrees.

Good luck!

Help with my CURLY hair!?

chi is the best straightener!

Help with my CURLY hair!?

I heard really expensive ones are great for use, probably just go to a hair place and ask them about it

They are a great resource for hair info

Help with my CURLY hair!?

best straightener

is a GHD my sister has it

it works wonders

recommended by hair dressers

doesnt burn your hair as much

heats up in 6 seconds

comes in different colours

bit pricey

so worth it

comes with 12 month warrenty

such a good one

Help with my CURLY hair!?


and buy the chi silk infusion

that way there is not frizz, your hair is super straight and silky smooth!

Help with my CURLY hair!?

chi is the best!!!...i use it n its grtt...a lil expensive bt worth it!!...n remember to use a hair protectant before flat ironing ur hair!!...enjoy!

Help with my CURLY hair!?

my hair i snaturally curly too my straightner works really well i got it at sallys beauty salon its a black conair one about 40 bucks

Help with my CURLY hair!?

you should get a new straightener

chi or paul mitchell

Help with my CURLY hair!?

i use professional tools straightener, it works really good for me because my hair is curly and frizzy also. as far as products goes, i only use a heat protector. i section my hair and pull it with a round brush, then holding it at the tip, i would slowly straighten my hair. lastly, i rub it with some serum.

but you can wear your hair curly if you know how to style it right. find a best hairstylist and have them shape your hair. using a diffuser, you can get great results with curly hair and takes little time to style.

Help with my CURLY hair!?

proffesional tools is good also hot tools is good you could just get that at taylors maid or something also for the friz try sleek serum you could get this at great clips

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