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How do I make really curly hair not so curly, but wavier and less frizzy?

whenever I get out of the shower, my hair curls like crazy, but then after a few days, it calms down a bit, and it looks better, so i can wear it down. The problem is, that since it looks really bad when i get out of the shower, i always have to wear it up in a ponytail, and then after hey few days, it looks nicer and tamer but then i have the ponytail line...

I just need help in getting it to look that way when I get out of the shower -- less curly, more wavy

thanks :]

How do I make really curly hair not so curly, but wavier and less frizzy?

*Read the book and visit the sites below about curly hair. I did and my once horrible curly hair is now well defined and healthy. Now I get compliments on my hair all the time! Straighten your hair- be happy for a day, learn to manage your curly hair- be happy for life! But if this is completely uninteresting to you, disregard.

*To style your hair using the curly-girl method you will need gel, a leave in, and conditioner at the minimum. Some less useful, but still nice stuff would be a blow dryer, a diffuser (reduces frizz in curly/wavy hair when used with dryer), and a micro fiber hair turban/old t-shirts (to dry wet hair while sleeping or in the morning).

*The main philosophy of the curly-girl method is to not use shampoo. This may sound unhygienic but it has actually made my hair less oily and dandruffy. Most shampoos contain some of the same chemicals found in laundry detergent (aka sulfates). They dry out curly hair. Also you shouldn't brush your curly hair dry because it damages the hair and makes it poof.

*Massaging of the scalp with conditioner to remove dirt is all that is needed. It will clean everything but super clingy silicones (avoid these- ingredients will end in -xane, -conol, or -cone). Then rinse and spread conditioner on the outside layer of hair and the hair at the nape of your neck. Gently comb tangles out with your fingers or a wide toothed comb and rinse with cold/cool water.

*Do not brush/comb your hair after this point because it will disturb the curl pattern (make sure you already have a part preferably to one side). It is also important to use gel on sopping wet hair and scrunch the hair with your fingers. Make sure gel is evenly distributed everywhere in your hair. If you use too much you can always scrunch out the crunchy texture later.

*Use paper towels or an old t-shirt to gently scrunch some of the water out (generic towels can make hair frizz). You can either let your hair air dry or wait ten minutes and then use a blowdryer with a diffuser. Dry until your hair is almost dry, and then air-dry the last bit. Do not touch the hair while it is air-drying or it will frizz!

*Use a cheap, silicone free conditioner to scrub your scalp such as Suave Naturals or Vo5. Use a moisturizing conditioner, such as Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner (Ulta), for your hair. Cheaper suggestions are Nature's Gate or Desert Essences conditioners (health food stores). I recommend using a gel (LA Looks, Herbal Essences, La Bella) over a leave in (L閳ユ┉real Out of Bed Instant Texturizer). Experiment with whatever products you wish, but there are more conditioners, gels, etc. on the websites.

*You may be able to get away with some silicones (such as amodimethicone) if you clarify with a sulfate free shampoo. Try Devacurl no-poo (Ulta) or Cream of Nature (drug store). Feel free to find your own but always check the ingredients for sodium/ammonium lauryl/laureth sulfate.

*Your hair may seem worse at first, but it is just adjusting. This takes 2 to 4 weeks begin working. Before you decide to quit shampoo, do a final cleanse with shampoo and stop the use of any products with silicones in them. This is hard to do if you don't read the book, or at least visit the websites. Naturally curly hair can be beautiful! I hope you consider this- email me if you have any questions!

a good page-

list of products, care, and more info. about curly hair-

based on the book-

curly forum, shopping, and info. (link is to explanation of book)-

book (available on Amazon or at the library)-

Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey

How do I make really curly hair not so curly, but wavier and less frizzy?

Try washing your hair everyday and using Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave in Conditioner, etc. They have alot of great products for the Frizzy hair. I also get my hair thined out. That helps alot.

How do I make really curly hair not so curly, but wavier and less frizzy?

how often do you wash your hair

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