Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to get curly hair? Picture?

Beauty salons take a lot of money and a lot of time.

what products make the hair curly?

How to get curly hair? Picture?

spiral curling iron was used for that effect

How to get curly hair? Picture?

you can use a small size curler but before you do you should wash your hair with " Wash n Curl" could be purchased from any drug store such as CVS or Target and blow dry your hair and then curl it...for ultra curling results!

How to get curly hair? Picture?

first put volumizing mousse on your hair. (a handful). blowdry. put on some hot curlers (depends on you what size you want) then spray on some 'curl enhancers' (you can see this everywhere at drugstores, with brands like garnier fructis, john frieda, etc) then spray with hairspray. at anytime if your curls get kinda flat (as the day goes on) you can always spray some more of the curl enhancer.

How to get curly hair? Picture?

wash your hair, use lots of gel roll your hair in rollers candle stick , which is how stylist roll a spiral perm. and set under a dryer. It will take a long time to dry, because there will be alot of hair in the roller. use small sections and rollers as close together as you can get them. Roll (11111) way and not (- - - - ) that way. make any sense?

15 yr stylist

p.s. do not comb it. use your fingers and lightly comb through it when done. not too much or your will comb out your curls.

How to get curly hair? Picture?

i gave a friend of mine a perm, and it turned out just as good as it does at a salon and way more enexpensive. we got all the supplies from sally's beauty salon (if you have one near you). if i remember correct the perm box had everything you need; the rollers to wrap your hair, the pins the keep them wrapped up, the solution you wet your hair with that actually somehow makes it stay curly for a long time, and the cap. as far as solutions for a very temporary hair style im not sure. hope i was some help.

How to get curly hair? Picture?

u can curl your hair for free,no curlers.etc needed.

all you need to do is:have a shower

1/2 dry hair

plait your hair/medium size.

you can do it in two french plaits or do heaps of random medium sized plaits and put it up into a messy bun,ect which is very now.

leave it in over noght and just take it out in the end up with gorgeous kinks which look professionally done: )

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