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I have natural curly hair.........????

i have natural curly hair, and it is very thick and if i don't put alot of gel on it and hairspray then it frizzes out. i am sick of all the stiff and sticky mess i have to do everyday. please help me i want pretty soft (not frizzy) curls.

I have natural curly hair.........????

HI! I have had curly, frizzy, poofy, hair all my life and for most of my life i wore it up in a pony tail. Well recently I have discovered a new hair method to help!

1.) Get your hair cut shoulder length if it is long.Professionally.

2.) Now to help with the thickness get your hair razer thinned or just thinned. This will take away some of the volume.

3.) Buy Alberto V05 Curvacous Curls!

4.) Wash all the product out of your hair. Hair spray, moose, conditioner etc.)

5.) Add a little bit of the Alberto V05 Curvacous Curls! to your hair.

6.)Get a diffuser attachment for your blow drier.

7.) Use drier to dry your hair so that it's damp.

And Volia! I hope this helps your with your hair problem. Good Luck!

I have natural curly hair.........????

Try using a leave in conditioner or condition your hair every time you shampoo. Pantene has a line for curly hair. Try also Frizz Ease products for frizzy hair. Have you ever had your hair thinned out? That may also be an alternative for you. I would try the products for frizzy hair and conditioners. Good Luck!!!

I have natural curly hair.........????

Can you trade hair with me? LOL just kidding

use a good deep conditioner, and condition every day.

You can blow dry with a round brush or try one of those straightening irons.

My hairdresser used a really good brush on my hair: it was round with both natural bristles and plastic ones. She said it makes all the difference in whether hair is smooth or not.

also, I like Sunsilk in the pink bottle for flyaways. I use it when I want my hair straighter.

I have natural curly hair.........????

Try anything smothing conditioner or a conditioner made for shaping curls. Herbal Essences has some good ones. Plus it won't cost you $$$$$.

I have natural curly hair.........????

Okay, i have the same problem you do lol but when i do my hair like im about to tell you its adorable!!

As soon as you get out of the shower put like a quarter size blob of gel on your hands and rub it thru your hair and then put your hair loosely in a messy bun in the top of your head till your hair is about half way dry, then take it down and scrunch it ocassionaly till its dry! If your hair is like mine, it will be cute.

I have natural curly hair.........????

Hi, I actually read this really good article about how to deal with curly hair, you'll find more useful information there I'm sure:

I have natural curly hair.........????

How much time and money can you afford to spend on haircare each month? With naturally curly hair you're a man's dream. Just work in a acouple dabs of Panatene each day in the shower. Pat dry with a fluffy towel and hair dry on low heat. Tease according to your hair style.

Find a real young, talented hair stylist who will charge you no more than $25.00 once a month.

I have natural curly hair.........????

Use Sunsilk (green) shampoo, conditioner, and after treatment. This product is for unruly curly hair.. it tames the frizz and defines your curls..

I have natural curly hair.........????

there are some temporay straightning lotions..apply them after shampoo and dry using brush and dryer.

.if you are old enough you can get a quick relaxer to ease curls.

I have natural curly hair.........????

leave the gel . Try Curl Keeper , on the site.

It works better than anything I have found.

Also there is a book called Curly Girl that has some very good tips on caring for curly hair.

the main one I remember is to be very gentle with your hair. Do not use shampoo , wash your hair with conditioner.

Seriously check out Curl Keeper, it is the best. It is not cheap, I think 18.00 for the small bottle, but when you think about what all you have spent buying this and that and nothing doesnt seem so expensive. And the 18.00 bottle lasts a long time. I buy the 32.00 bottle, that should tell you how much I love it!

I have natural curly hair.........????


try sunsilk stuff go yto products, there are different products for each type of hair

u can also try l'oreal paris smooth intense, shampoo and deep conditioner, it works for me.

u can try dove flexible hold hairspray, at 1st it's hard, but then it gets soft and keeps the curls

I have natural curly hair.........????

Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, plus a leave in conditioner. Good examples are: Pantene, Garnier, Aussie, Sunsilk, Loreal. You could also try using a curl activating shampoo, Loreal makes a great one. I tend to mix and match brands, for a really good leave in conditioner try Netrogena, it comes in a light orange bottle. They also make a hair serum that is good for frizz. If you don't like the texture gel makes your hair try moose instead, or try this heat defense spray by Loreal for curly hair it comes it a hot pink bottle. Once it completely dries it leaves you hair soft but still holds the curl. Also if you dry your hair with a blow dryer be sure to use a diffuser.

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