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I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

I am 14 years old and I have curly hair, about 2-3 inches past my shoulders, and its VERY THICK, and that causes it to go frizzy and poofy, and the curls definitly don't help..I've tried straighteners [ flat irons ] ..but nothing expensive and it didn't help..I'm thinking of buying a good salon flat iron but I'm not sure what else could help it?..any tips? should i get it chemically straightened? or what ? PLEASE HELP. I always have to wear my hair up in a bun because its so thick and poofy and I can't even wear it in a pony tail with out getting embarassed!

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

Ok well my hair used to be like that. First of all, my hair stylist told me that your hair changes every 7 years, so take a deep breath. From the time I was born until I was like 7, my hair was so straight and silky, and a little thin. Then after that, my hair became thick, curly, poofy, etc. I used to just wear it out, because honestly, as a kid you don't care what you look like. But then, when I got into the 6th grade, and all of my other friends had boyfriends, I started to notice a problem. I had a crush on my best friends brother, and he told me I was pretty, but my hair was not attractive. So one day, my friend put my hair in a bun, and I wore it like that almost everyday until I was 14. Then, I started to buy special lotions to put into my hair, and then straightened it. It was still thick, but it was straight. It took a few hours each time though, especially since my hair was so long. Then at 14, I figured out a few secrets, first, shampoo your hair every day, but only condition every other day. Second, when you condition, leave the conditioner in for about 5 minutes to get your hair really really soft. Then, after you get out of the shower, towel dry your hair slightly. Next, brush your damp hair with only a paddle brush. They work well, and do not snag or break hair. Then, apply an anti-frizz serum thoroughly though your hair. And lastly, when you wake up, flip your hair over, and run finishing cream through your hair.

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

Holy crap I am having the same issue.. if you look at my questions I have asked I ask about it all the tie but nobody seems to have a good answer... DONT get it permantly straightened. I thought about ti but it costs a hell of a lot of money and I know a bunch of people and it didn't help at all it made it worse. I heard aussie beach wave products work. I will tell you if I get a good answer to anything

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?


ruins your hair horribly! buy the CHI straightner. works on any type of hair trust me. good luck~

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

im having the same issues except mines super sort witch makes it worst best luck too you

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

my friend got hers chemically straightened and it looks great.

if thats too expensive you could try a chi.

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

calm down if i knew any better this was me when i was 14 loland am 26 now i did the same thing use a bun an what not that is so bad for your hair it got to the point my hair knew how to get there lol buy silk sheets and silk pillow cases trust me that works wonders it helps the frizz due to the other snag your hair silk sheets let your hair glide also get a micro fiber towel to dry your hair but don't fuss with it just blot your hair a little dry look for a good leave in conditioner if you go to Sally's they have tons of great products trust me a little goes a long way you don't need a pound of leave in a quarter size on your palm will go a long way also look for a gel that controls frizz or a mouse same thing a quarter size or two and work it up from your ends do not start at the scalp crunch it up word to work in then get a good super hold hair spray i use big sexy hair its in a red bottle its 26.00 but it lasts me a month at least and last but not least throw away all the brushes and buy a wide tooth comb brushes brake hair and makes it more frizzy vs a wide tooth comb or just use your fingers to untangle your hair oh and also once or twice a month get a cup of white vinager and 1 cup of water and wash your hair with that it will take out all the build up of hair product you have on it leaving your hair clean and buildup free and with in a month or two you should see some results also take the bun off even when you let your hair down it bunches where you normaly have the bun start useing a barade in your hair when you want it tied back also thow out all the blow dryers they heat hair and make it brittle also dont dye your hair often

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

Well I am 25 years and I have been using baby oil in my hair. I know i know, baby oil ruins your hair, BUT I had the same problem that you had. I know use baby oil with FRUITIER strightner serum in the small pump after I get out the shower and it tames my hair. I really hope this helps, especially if you want it straight all you have to do is use the baby oil, the serum, blow dry straight, and then straighten with the hair straightner. This is what i have been doing for years...check out my profile with my straight hair, hope this helps

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

k so im 14 too and i have "big" curly hair too and i used to think that it was the worst thing and i couldnt do anything with it and i used to always wear it up but now ive come to love my curls, see every morning after my shower while my hair is still wet but not dripping i put about 3-4 squirts of gel in it evenly but not the strong hold but relaxed stuff anyway it works like a charm also never brush your hair for too long and never after il starts to dry itll frizz, good luck all this stufff worked for me.

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

As far as your frizz goes you can say good bye to it. There is a product by "I. S. O." called "Bouncy Cream". Not sold in stores only available in salons.

Call the salons in your area and find you who carries "I. S. O.".

It does work.

I have natural curl myself and use the product every day.

Hope this helps.

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

WOW! talk about my hair twin! yeah isnt it soo anoying you cant wear your hair in a ponytail! err, but anyways heres what i did to fix my problem: I saved up and got a Sedu flat iron which works AMAZING! better than a CHI any day becuz the original CHI only has ceramic plates and the original sedu has tourlemine/ceramic for best smoothness. i bought mine of folica for about $125 (but sooo worth it) so heres the rest of my routine:

1. in shower wash with Neutrogena triple moisture shampoo, condition with BioSilk Silk Therapy (designed to work with heat)

2. get out of shower, blot with towel, apply Matrix sleek.look extreme styling cream and Biolage leave in conditioner.

3. take blowdryer on cool setting pointing nozzel down and just run through hair to remove excess moisture. (blowing straight=too much work!)

3. wait till air dries the rest of the way, spray a little bit of Nexxus Heat Protexx all over hair, and flat iron that hair!

4. after smooth,sleek, and straight take some Redken glass 01 and warm in palms and apply to hair. (smoothes frizz and adds shine)

5. Done%26amp;GORGEOUS!!

i also make sure to deep condition once a week with neutrogena triple moisutre replenishing mask or if thats too heavy for you, try something like Dove Therapy deep conditioner!

hope this helps alot! xoxo ellieé–³?br>I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

I have a really nice Chi straightener. It works really well but it also depends on the technique you use to straighten your hair.

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

Have you ever tried a regular iron, like for clothes? I know it sounds silly %26amp; I wouldn't recomend doing it on yourself, but they get hotter that flat irons %26amp; I swear they work REALLY well.


You could maybe just embrace your curls. Maybe buy styling products made to make curly hair look pretty.

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

for frizzy hair

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

I think there are several things you can do. The foundation of hair styling begins with shampoo and conditioners....

My favorite, I have seen it at Rite Aid, Walmart and salons is the Joico Kpak line. Shampoo, conditioner and reconstructors once a week....

I would follow up with the Joico leave in conditioner and style with Joico smoothing balm. Its a straightening cream that is heat activated and protects your hair. You will find your hair much more managable....

For thick hair, there is a KMS product "Flat Out", its a glossy product. Not only does it keep the hair controled, it helps to close the cuticle that prevents te frizz....Citre shine liquid is also a good one.

I would use the gloss after you finish styling, it controls and you get an awesome shine....

Good luck.......

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

control freak shampoo and conditioner and then use after party smoothing cream all by Bed Head. These are safe for your hair and should work.

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

i think you need a make over

I have THICK frizzy/curly/poofy hair! PLEASE HELP!!?

well what you need is a leave and conditioner or try a mousse and then hot iron or what ever you are doing but one thing NEVER USE A CURLER OR A CRIMPER IT WIL ONLY MAKE YOUR HAIR LOOK A MILLION TIMES BAD not that your hair is bad but if you use the wrong things in it. it will only make it more frizzy and curly

hope i helped

Mary of

-The Glamour Girlz

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