Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've gots curly hair! : _ )?

Okay, I have extremely curly/impossible hair. I've tried everything at salons and at drugstores. Any kind of product, I've tried it! I want something that will leave my curls intact, but not hard. Thats what all the products seem to do. Please help.

No meaniheads. Thanks!

I've gots curly hair! : _ )?

Hear try this

Bumble and Bumble has a shampoo and conditioner called curl consious and it is really suppose to tame and mange and add shine to unmanagable curls.

B and B also has a straiten and anti-frizz serum that calms all types of hair

B and B also has a tonic lotion which softens and helps hair and make a great base if you are straitening it.

If u are looking 4 chemical treatment u could try BioSilk silk therapy

check out the bumble and bumble website it has much more.

I've gots curly hair! : _ )?

i know what u mean! but, if you want it straightened, then i think it's worth waiting 4 hours

I've gots curly hair! : _ )?

Chemically straighten it at a salon.

or permanently straighten it.. (at a salon)

that's how some of my friends get their wavy/curly hair straight

for a period of time anyways.

I've gots curly hair! : _ )?

when you get out the bath maybe you could use rollers to make them bouncy. or if its going frizzy get a hair serum.

best of luck


I've gots curly hair! : _ )?

I also have very curly hair and there are three things I must do every day for my hair to not go crazy.

1. I have to use a shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair and although my hair is not damaged it gives me the extra moisture that I need

2. I have to put a good amount of anti frizz serum in my hair from rute to tip.

3. then I use a good amount of gel ( not extra hold ) for curly hair.

try this combination and let me know how it goes....Good luck.

I've gots curly hair! : _ )?

my hair is like that too.

people always want to touch my curls,

and then they're like "YER HAIRZ CRUNCHY".

try using SAMY big curls cream.

it comes in a yellow circular bottle.

my sister uses it and it works good.

but it's eight bucks.

also, have you tried flexible hold hairspray?

the extreme hold ones usually leave hair gluey.

this one lets your hair move.

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