Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mohawk? with Thick Curly Hair?

I am a mix of black and chinese and have really thick curly hair but I want a mohawk so bad.I want one but I want to see if it will stand first before I cut it. So what do I do and use?

Mohawk? with Thick Curly Hair?

I have thick curly hair and I had a faux-hawk for all of a week. So what you need is a good straightner, really I'd reccmond going to sallys and getting a Jilbere straightner they all work really well, so for keeping it up don't use elmers or anyother kind of glue because it will f@#! your hair up, only use it if its meant for your hair, I used the Got 2 b Glued Rubber Cement and then when you styled it and all spray it with some Got 2 b Freez Spray, and then if your hair is being a pain in the a** use some Got 2 b Glued Spiking Gel before or after [don't put in alot just a little.] you put the Rubber cement in. ALSO DON'T WASH YOUR HAIR TOO MUCH LIKE 1-2 TIMES A WEEK!! And if your having prolbems keeping it up just tease the roots a little.

Mohawk? with Thick Curly Hair?

Don't cut your hair.

If you have thick curly hair, then try some styling gel and spritz to get it to stand up.

Use gel to slick the sides of the hair and create a Mohawk.

Also, try experimenting with a girly -hawk.

Curly in the middle, slicked and pinned with hair pins or clips to create a Mohawk.

This way you don't regret cutting your hair.

I wore a Mohawk for two weeks, I'm so over it now, and glad I didn't cut my hair.

Mohawk? with Thick Curly Hair?

you will need a chi... you will need to use the chi along with the chi products to straighten the hair and then use gels or hair mud along with a setting spray or hairspray to hold it in place... but without the chi I can't imagine it staying up!

good luck =)

Mohawk? with Thick Curly Hair?

I think you will match your last name if you get a mohawk. They are one of the stupidest looking things.

Mohawk? with Thick Curly Hair?

truthfully... school glue... like the cheap white stuff we used as kids. I had a hawk for a while, and it works great. Just rub some between your hands (a good amount of it), then with your hands pull hair up to where you want it. Kind of smush the hawk up between your hands... start at the scalp, and pull away from your head through the ends. now hold those ends, and use a blow dryer on low to dry completely... good luck!

Mohawk? with Thick Curly Hair?

Hi,my next door neighbours son has a mohawk he uses hair gel his hair feels like spikes.

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