Saturday, July 25, 2009

What can I do with my weird, curly hair?

I use the flat iron on it maybe every other day, because it looks terrible when I leave it as it is. It would be fine if it wasn't so curly at the top %26amp; front where I used to have my bangs, because everywhere else it's just pretty curly.

I'm just scared about using the flat iron on it so much, I don't want all my hair to fall out!

What products do you recommend for damaged hair, or products meant for use with flat ironing?

Or do you know any products that would work without having to use the flat iron?

People have told me to just to put some mousse in it, but it makes your hair look kinda greasy.

What can I do with my weird, curly hair?

I have extremely curly hair, and I used to hate it. I used to straighten it every day, and it's not a lie, straightening your hair with a flat iron everday really does ruin it. I really wish that I didn't do it.

If I were you, I would just try out different products and find one that works with your hair, not against it.

I use the entire Sunsilk line in the moisture one. I don't remember exactly what it's called, but it's the pink one. I used the shampoo, conditioner, and 24/7 cream daily and the deep conditioner stuff weekly. It's made my hair really soft and manageable.

If your hair is frizzy they have anti frizz stuff too. I think it would work though i haven't actually used it.

Then I use Herbal Essences set me up gel (only a small amount) Just enough to keep my hair from frizzing but not enough to make it look greasy or crispy.

To style it, I would make sure that it is still very wet. Never wrap it in a towel because that frizzes it. Instead, comb it out when it's soaking wet and scrunch it with a hand towel. Then, use the 24/7 cream and a little bit of gel and just let it air dry.

I think this should work for you.

I hope it helps!!!

What can I do with my weird, curly hair?

I have a spray called nexxus heat protex and it really works. u just spray yyour hair be4 u blodry or straighten and it doesn't dry out

What can I do with my weird, curly hair?

Try anything Nutirisse they're natural products and they don't over-load your hair with gunk

What can I do with my weird, curly hair?

try permantely straightening it.this girl i know did it and i works really well

What can I do with my weird, curly hair?

Go to a salon and get your hair chemically straightened(prumed)

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